The Olympian Gods Colouring Book - printed copy in A4 or A5

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The Olympian Gods Colouring Book - printed copy in A4 or A5

Greek Myth Comix
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The Olympian Gods Colouring Book by Greek Myth Comix has 32 colourable and informative pages: each of the Ancient Greek Olympians and two bonus gods, Hestia and Hades, each with their own personal pattern-page with their name in Ancient Greek and a short story to explain them.

Each image of the gods is drawn free-hand and based on an original piece of Ancient Greek red and black-figure pottery - it's ok, you don't have to stick to red or black! - and includes the dates and origin of the original artwork. An additional page explains the types of pots found in the book.

Perfect for learning about the Olympian Pantheon...or just relaxing with some colouring, the A4 size provides huge colouring spaces and is perfect to lay flat for some serious colouring, or for holding up at story time, while the A5 size is great for little hands or colouring on the go!

Each page is printed on 115gsm paper, perfect for pencils, crayons, and most felt tips. A glossy full-colour 300gsm cover protects your pages.

Professionally printed and saddle-stitch bound by the excellent folk at Awesome Merchandising, and sent first class by Royal Mail Large Letter.

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A professionally printed colouring book

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