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Greek Myth Comix presents Odyssey Book 1 TEACHER EDITION

Greek Myth Comix
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TEACHER EDITION: print multiple copies for your class!

To print one copy JUST FOR YOU, choose this alternative version. 

For your OCR Odyssey teaching and revision: an instantly downloadable PDFs of Greek Myth Comix' Odyssey Book 1!

READ the story, as unabridged as possible; DEMONSTRATE the action, as described in the text; EXPLAIN the literary devices of the author - similes, formulaic phrases, characterisation; and SHOW how the poet creates excitement, tension, and comedy for his audience.

Designed for GCSE Classical Civilisations study (in particular the OCR GCSE set texts), this comic is ideal for teaching alongside your text and notes or as a revision tool for afterwards. Although Book 1 is not on the syllabus, this chapter introduces the concept of the oral poem, as well as the main themes and characters. Not studying? Enjoy reading and understanding this world-famous piece of literature in depth!


An instantly downloadable PDF of the comic for a high-quality print (A4 portrait - in Page Sizing & Handling select 'Fit' to ensure correct printing) for you to use as you like: there are no printing restrictions, so this download at this price represents an infinite printing license.

Enjoy your Odyssey teaching, or learning, even more!

NB: you can still find all of these comix online for free at

Please note: this is a PDF for printing. It will display on a PDF reader (like Acrobat) or native mobile device PDF reader (like iBooks on iPhone). However it is not formatted for use in E-reader devices like Kindles, for which a MOBI file is required.

Please also note that digital files are non-refundable.

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Greek Myth Comix presents Odyssey Book 1 TEACHER EDITION

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