Gladiator Paper Dolls!

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My school does an 'Open Day' every Summer, when we open the school on a Saturday to parents, prospective parents and pupils, and anyone else who wants to come. Each department puts on a kind of showcase with games and events linked to their subject, and the whole thing turns into a kind of fete.

One year, we built a makeshift Colosseum in our classroom, and the kids made gladiator paper dolls!

I drew these as I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Here you have the main five types of gladiator and their helmets, weapons and armour represented: Samite, Murmillo, Thracian (Thraex), Secutor, and Hoplomachus. Kids can choose to make an accurate one, or see how many pieces of weaponry they can stack up!

To make: the PDF prints onto two sheets of A4 paper. For best results, mount your gladiator figure onto card before cutting out. Make him stand up by using two cross-pieces of card that intersect to create a stand, like you would a paper Christmas-tree ornament. Then choose your armour, cut it out, stick it on, colour him in, give him a fearsome name and then PUGNA!

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Gladiator Paper Dolls!

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