The Olympian Gods Colouring Book Print Your Own! (Just For You edition)

Greek Myth Comix
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Print your own copy of the Olympian Gods Colouring Book!

The Olympian Gods Colouring Book by Greek Myth Comix has 32 colourable and informative pages: each of the Ancient Greek Olympians and two bonus gods, Hestia and Hades, each with their own personal pattern-page with their name in Ancient Greek and a short story to explain them.

This is for one printing - if you wish to print multiple copies, please choose the FOR CLASS edition by clicking here!

Each image of the gods is drawn free-hand and based on an original piece of Ancient Greek red and black-figure pottery - it's ok, you don't have to stick to red or black! - and includes the dates and origin of the original artwork. An additional page explains the types of pots found in the book.

Perfect for learning about the Olympian Pantheon...or just relaxing with some colouring, this print-your-own edition is stamped with your email address, making it just for you! Print on simple A4, make it a pocket-sized A5 booklet following your printer's instructions, or even bump it up to A3 for some poster-sized colouring fun! 

You will receive a PDF, stamped with your email address. 

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The Olympian Gods Colouring Book Print Your Own! (Just For You edition)

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